The songs all sound the same.

But that’s what you’d expect from a particular song-writer. Their signature sound. Their familiar flavour. Their unique blend of harmonies.

Yet the longer they play in the background the more the songs all blur into one.

I wake up to this soundtrack most mornings. My signature sound sets the tone for the day’s melody. The verses may change slightly but the repetitive chorus is all too familiar. I know what to expect. Some high notes here, a solo there. On occasion a rehearsed cymbal crash.

And so the days drone on. My life song playing in the background, day in, day out; blurring into one. And they all sound the same.

These days of my life. They all sound the same.

And then in the middle of a much repeated track, a melody so overplayed, I don’t even pay attention anymore… An unexpected harmony takes me by surprise.

And then I hear it: an orchestra erupts around me. Chords, tones, sounds, themes I’ve never heard before! A unique and beautiful composition that takes my breath away. A heavenly harmony that sweeps me up into awe.

What is this masterpiece that sounds so different from the overplayed background noise that is usually my life?

This masterpiece IS your life, says HE.

All the mundane melodies come together in a beautiful work, a unique piece, a collection of harmonies that tell the story of HIS glory. A work of HIS hands. An exquisite, rare and never to be repeated rendering of a special collection of days. 

My life. Your life.

HE is the composer.

HE is the symphony.


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